This Privacy Policy describes how to collect and use your information that you provide us on Alshiaka website or Alshiaka mobile application, as well as the procedures used to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, uses, and disclosure of your information.


Protecting your information is an important matter to us, so we use it according to the ways shown in this policy, and we will collect information only if necessary, or when there are a direct necessary link to your transaction with us.


We will keep your information if it is necessary as per the law, or use it only per the purpose of what is collected for. On Alshiaka website and Alshiaka mobile application


You can navigate through our website without entering any personal information. Your ID will be unknown and while your browsing our website.


While if you like to register in our website and e-open account with us login in using your user name and password,


We collect information I order to provide you with our available service, and to secure any further potential orders.


The information we collect for example name/ age / email address / address / delivery address if different, mobile number, details of payment, details of payment cards, Bank account, so that we can receive the value of your purchases if you request online through our website.


This information are used to provide you with information about our products and to verify the financial transaction when you order online from our website and mobile application, to manage your account.


The information we collected are used also in statistical operations, and to collect more data about our website visitors, in order to develop the contents of our page and serve you better and faster as per your expectations.


You can contact us via e-mail to provide you with some details about products and other services or through different social media if you like. If you prefer not to receive any promotional and marketing messages, you can log off from this option at any time.


We may contact you by phone or e-mail to inform you about any update regarding to the status of your orders, or to inform you about any incoming promotion or sales or the arrival of new products.


We may disclose your name & address to the express carrier (shipping agent) when deliver the goods you purchased from our website.


We may also save your orders details on our website, and when log in to your account on our website you can see all details about your orders and your wishes.


You can manage the details of your account, address, payments details and any news letter you subscribed in, you must make sure to keep your account top confidential, and not to make it available to any third party.


We do not take any liability arising out of your misuse of this website or the disclosure of the user name or password to any other party.


Payment processing and credit cards Protection


We many need to use specialized companies to protect your data from e-commerce fraud by helping us manage payments for your purchases on our website, so that they can access the information you provide.


Links on our website


The website may contain third-party ads or links to other sites or frames for other websites.

Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policy of any third party or the content of those policies applicable to other websites.


Privacy approval


When you send your data using our website, you agree to keep, share and use such data in the necessary procedures as described in this privacy policy.


If you have any mistakes in your personal information, you may request to correct them at any time, and you have the right ask us at any time to stop using your information for any further marketing purposes.