Alshiaka Classic (Your Everyday Thobe)

Enjoy the comfort of your every move, every day! The “Classic” Thobe features an elegant and practical design available in various sizes to keep up with your busy, modern life and enable you to perform with ease. The Thobe’s classical touches also perfectly resonate with the details of a traditional Saudi Thobe.

Alshiaka Zakhrafat (Stand Out)

Because you deserve to look your best during your official and private occasions, Alshiaka brings you the “Zakhrafat” collection with refined embroidered details. Combining oriental heritage with modern design and high-quality fabrics, “Zakhrafat” is the brand for every man with a sophisticated taste and distinguished looks.

Alshiaka Alfakher (Untailored Luxury)

Premium fabric is the finest of all Thobes. It was especially designed to match the high expectations of Saudi men who seek luxury in everything they own. Premium fabric features carefully-chosen fabrics with embroidered details found in tailor-made Thobes to give you a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity.

Alshiaka Harakat (No More Students’ Challenges)

“Harakat” Thobes were inspired by the students’ challenging and active lifestyle which requires an outfit that can keep up with their ongoing physical activity. The “Harakat” Thobe features specifications that offer our young students the durability and practicality they need to help them overcome their daily challenges successfully!

Re-Thobe (Express Yourself)

In line with its ongoing quest to further develop its products, Alshiaka has designed the hip and trendy “Re-Thobe” collection, adding a new dimension to the traditional thobe concept. The colors and details of the fabric can be customized to meet the aspirations and preferences of the modern Saudi youth.