How can I shop from the online store?

Shopping from our online store is easy, simple and safe. All you have to do is add the products you want to the shopping cart, then go to the payment page and fill in the shipping information and choose the appropriate payment method for you.

How can I find or navigated through products?

You can find products through:

- Search menu

- Sections and links on the site (by Generation / Category / Brand)

- Filter options for products

Do I have to be a registered customer?

You don’t have to register to shop, you can shop and buy as a "guest" in our online store. But we advise you to register with us to receive our latest offers and help you faster when needed.


What are the payment methods?

Dear customer, here are the options you have for payment methods:

  • Payment through credit cards (Master Card - Visa)
  • Pay by your Mada ATM card
  • Cash on delivery


Are the prices different for different sizes of the same product?

Yes, prices are different from small sizes such as children to larger sizes such as men.

What is the shipping cost?

Different based on your location / region.

Is there an additional charge?

When you choose “Cash on delivery" there will be SR 20 added to your total purchases.


How can I know my size?

Dear customer, you can use the Scale tool to know your approximate size. (Click Here)

How can I take my size correctly?

We have now added a new feature to our website that helps you choose the right size for you. Visit the link to try it find your size:(Click Here)
Steps for finding your size:
1 - measure your hight: to measure your hight, hold the measuring tape on top of your shoulder, and extend measuring down to the foot area.
2 - Measuring your width: to measure your width, hold the tape across your chest (only the front side, under the arm (the widest area of the chest from the front).
Centimetres is the advised units of measurements for the hight and the width.
If you face any difficulties with the measurements, please contact us though any of our messaging platforms for us to guide you though the process .

Is the size different depending on the model?

No, the sizes are fully fixed in all models and fit all ages.



Is there a home delivery?

Yes, our delivery service includes all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How long does it take to deliver?

Our goal is to deliver your request within 3 to 7 working days and ship your orders through the best shipping companies.

Is there International Shipping?

It will be available soon.


Return and Exchange:

How long can I return or exchange my purchases?

You can return purchases within 5 days from the date of receipt. Purchases can be exchanged within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Where can I exchange or return my purchases?

You can exchange or return your purchases at any of our stores in the Kingdom or through our online store by contacting customer service to assist you.

How long does it takes to get my money back?

The money will be refunded within 14 working days maximum.



How can I communicate with you?

You can contact us through the following channels:
- Social media pages (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram)
- WhatsApp +966 12 611 0190
- Contact us page
- Live Chat on the website
- or via Customer Care email (

Where can I find your stores?

You can visit our stores around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the following link:
(Click Here)

Is there an additional charge?

When you choose “Cash on delivery" there will be SR 20 added to your total purchases.